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How much are missed calls costing your business?

Admin Glamorgan Telecom - Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Every successful business understands the importance of answering telephone calls promptly, but have you ever stopped to consider the cost of a missed call? In the UK alone, missed calls account for millions in lost revenue, with research highlighting that 85% of customers whose call goes unanswered will not call back.

Why are you missing calls?

Although we live in an increasingly connected world, customers still opt for the phone as their preferred method of contact. Having a call answered swiftly by an operator ensures a personal touch that leaves the caller feeling valued.

However, calls can easily slip through the net, especially when call volumes are high and staff levels low during busier periods. Whether your provide a product or offer support as a service, lost or abandoned calls can become extremely damaging to your business reputation, not to mention your profitability.

What are the long term consequences?

By regularly missing calls your business is likely to look disorganised and unprofessional. Ensuring your customers can reach an operator is essential in providing top quality support to maintain your reputation and guarantee sales. After all, a disappointed customer is more likely to share their substandard experience than a satisfied customer.

How can GT help?

Whether you work on the road or struggle to keep up with high call volumes, it’s easier than you think to manage and recover your missed calls. At Glamorgan Telecom, we provide a variety of smart features and applications to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Call Reporting

Our Call Management software provides unrivalled call reporting, helping to identify trends and drive the performance of your business. Create customisable dashboards to display accurate unreturned missed call figures that won’t be removed until the calls have been returned by a member of your team.

Not only will call reporting help to reduce the number of lost or abandoned calls into your business, it will also highlight real-time statistics to enable your business to work smarter and faster. By clearly defining your peak periods, call reporting also ensures you are always staffed to the optimum level, enabling you to improve your call handling process and deliver a premium service.

Mobility Tools

Alternatively, incorporating cloud-based communications will help to extend your business system beyond the wired network and further streamline your call handling process. VoIP, for example, enables your workforce to pick up calls made to their office extension from their mobile whilst auto-attendant features and intelligent call routing functions ensure your customers always get through to the right department.

Recovering your missed calls really is as easy as it sounds. By incorporating simple solutions into your communications infrastructure, not only are you sure to recapture missed business but you are able to create an impression of true professionalism and customer care.


Benefit from flexible working solutions this summer

Admin Glamorgan Telecom - Monday, July 31, 2017

As a result of recent technological developments employees now have the ability to remain constantly connected with their colleagues, wherever they are. Promoting flexibility within your organisation, including the resources to work remotely, will not only help to ensure the growth of a more efficient and effective style of working but will also encourage a much healthier work-life balance.

Kelly Bolderson, Managing Director at Glamorgan Telecom shares some of the key technologies driving the change and explains why a flexible working environment will help your business to overcome summer short-staffing hurdles.

Technologies driving the flexible working revolution

Data Solutions

Implementing data services within your business will bring the power of advanced technology to the forefront of your processes. From leased lines to Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), our solutions ensure lightening internet speeds that are both consistent and reliable. Fibre connections will also allow your business to take advantage of VoIP and hosted telephony whilst ensuring the easy incorporation of mobile devices to enable remote working.

Hosted Telephony

Cloud-based telephony guarantees full integration between your mobile phone and fixed lines, allowing users to receive calls on any device, whether they are in the office, on the road or at home. Managed and accessed via an external web portal, users are provided with an extensive range of call handling and management features that put an emphasis on control. Plus, as the system sits in the cloud your business can carry on making and receiving calls under any circumstances, ensuring no disruption from unexpected events.


We help you understand the technology and applications available to create a strong mobility structure to enhance your working practices, ensuring communication and quality of service are maintained, regardless of location. Solutions including VoIP, cloud-communication services and mobile twinning, give your employees the freedom to work away from their desks yet remain connected to emails, calls and business processes.


SIP trunking offers an adaptable telecom solution that enables the easy integration of home workers as it makes calls over an IP connection, rather than a traditional telephone line. SIP includes voice, video and conferencing options, as well as mobility functions and sophisticated voice applications to enhance your unified communications and fixed mobile convergence.

Remote workers appear in your network as another extension with access to the same system features as office-based colleagues. Users also have scalability options to increase or reduce line capacity according to the demands of your business, ensuring the most efficient call handling process.


Giving your staff the flexibility to work remotely equips them to better tackle the responsibilities of their working day as they balance their work and life commitments. In addition, employee motivation is enhanced as they choose to work at a time that best suits them, leading to a noticeable improvement in productivity and quality of service that allows your business to remain both competitive and responsive.

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Is your telephone system preventing the growth of your business?

Admin Glamorgan Telecom - Friday, July 21, 2017

Without the latest technology to unleash the true potential of your business, you risk falling behind your competitors. Updating your business telephone system promises a host of benefits to help drive your success, from cost savings and productivity gains to the flexibility needed to streamline your processes and motivate your team.

Check out our top reasons for upgrading:

1.Money Savings

An increased number of businesses are migrating from ISDN to SIP or hosted services to unleash powerful money savings. By converging voice and data connectivity on one line, your organisation will enjoy lower line rental and call costs as well free internal calls and call forwarding. Compatible with a wide range of PBX’s, there’s no additional hardware costs whilst its IP connectivity can be provided via your existing broadband or Ethernet connection

2.Emphasise Control

 Upgrading your telephone system will help you better manage your call traffic with an innovative range of features. Configure your system to meet the changing demands of your business with a variety of easy-to-use applications. Call handling and call management, for example, allows users to keep track of employee performance, highlighting training opportunities and improving communication, motivation and productivity.

3.Enhance flexibility

 Businesses thrive on adaptability; don’t stifle the growth of yours with an outdated phone system. Upgrading to SIP or hosted services will deliver high quality voice calls whilst ensuring the scalability to add or remove lines in accordance with the demands of your business, ensuring the most efficient call handling process. It also enables the flexibility to hot-desk and work remotely by extending the service to mobile devices.

4.Business continuity

 Service downtime caused by unexpected events could be disastrous for your organisations communications, especially during peak times when call volumes are high. Making the switch to SIP or hosted services will support the continuity of your business by offering built-in disaster recovery. Handling emergency situations with ease, the system will automatically reroute calls to backup sites, ensuring no disturbance to service and maintaining customer satisfaction.

5.Embrace modern technology

 If you’re not prepared to modernise your telephone system, your business could be left in the dark. Not only will an updated system streamline your processes but the advantage of the latest technology will ensure the agility and adaptability of your business, allowing you to gain a competitive edge over your rivals.

6.Improve productivity and service

 Enhanced call management features allow users to monitor inbound and outbound call traffic, enabling the quick identification of any areas for improvement to develop the general performance of your team. Productivity and efficiency gains will also enable your staff to make the most of their working day, ensuring your business achieves maximum ROI’s.


 Utilising technology advances, a hosted system will enhance your working practices by giving your employees the freedom to work away from their desks, yet remain connected to business processes. Innovative mobility functions and sophisticated voice applications ensure the simple integration of remote workers, who appear in the network as another extension with access to the same system features as office-based colleagues.

To unleash the benefits of a new business telephone system, get in touch with us today!


Should your business switch to Hosted Services?

Admin Glamorgan Telecom - Friday, July 14, 2017

Residing in the cloud rather than your office, a hosted telephone system gives your workforce access to a full range of communications services to enhance mobility and drive productivity. Your business will benefit from complete flexibility through increased call control and improved communications, helping to streamline your business processes.


Cost Savings

As an on demand solution with no hidden costs, hosted services are paid for on a per seat, per month basis and fully inclusive of UK landline and mobile calls. There are also no upfront fees on hardware or software whilst costly PBX maintenance is eliminated, with your supplier taking responsibility for system upgrades.

Your workforce, whether home, remote or office-based, will have access to the same information and tools to improve productivity and help maximise your business’ profitability.

Call Control

Incorporating a complete range of clever features, hosted telephony puts an emphasis on control. Your organisations entire communication infrastructure, no matter how large or small, can be quickly accessed through a simple web portal. From call management and monitoring to individual user access, hosted systems give you the capability to make simple changes, moves and additions to improve your communications with both colleagues and customers.

Increased Flexibility

Whilst the modern workforce is becoming increasingly dispersed, it is important to ensure effective communication and collaboration to maximise productivity, regardless of location. Hosted solutions allow for a lot of flexibility, from integrating mobile devices and expanding company bandwidth to increasing or decreasing the number of users to accommodate business demands.

As both the system and services are hosted online, it adapts in response to business growth, technological developments and the ever-changing needs of the end user, keeping your business ahead of the competition.

Business Continuity

With built-in resilience and security as standard, hosted telephony handles emergencies with ease to significantly reduce disruption, ensuring your workforce can carry on making and taking calls. In addition, the system automatically reroutes any calls to backup sites, mobile or any other destination ensuring no disturbance to your service.

Improved Service & Communication

Set a benchmark for customer communication and ensure your business never misses a call by integrating your fixed and mobile capabilities with one number. Users also have the ability to create a presence when selling into a new location or launching a new service by using any local area number, regardless of your actual location, giving unlimited access to new opportunities.

And, hosted telephony is here to stay! In the Gamma Digital Transformation Survey 2017, 2% of over 400 UK businesses said they had no activity with Cloud services. Get in touch today to find out more about Hosted Telephony and how it can help your business.


Have you prepared for GDPR Compliance?

Admin Glamorgan Telecom - Thursday, July 06, 2017

Passed a year ago and taking effect in 2018, the GDPR consists of a wealth of EU data privacy regulations. Every organisation across the EU must ensure fulfilment by the 25th May 2018 to avoid severe non-compliance penalties.

What is GDPR?

The GDPR legislation carries provisions that require businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizen by adapting how they process, store and secure customer details.

GDPR is largely focussed around data transparency, meaning businesses are required to clearly outline their data intentions to customers, which could drastically affect marketing intentions. When GDPR comes into effect, individuals within the EU will be granted new data rights, including the right to data access and the right to restrict data processing.

Standards for GDPR are high and will require most companies to begin planning immediately. Large investments will be needed by many in order to and meet and administer compliance, including the implementation of staff training, internal audits of processing activities and reviews of HR policies.

How SME’s can begin preparations

GDPR is set to completely change the way SME’s manage and structure their customer and employee data. In the world of business, data is power and the EU wants to provide consumers with access to that power by enabling them to consent to the use of their data.

Additional information will be required to be supplied to individuals and consumers, including the need to identify the legal basis for processing their data. Individuals will also have the right to complain to the Information Commissions Office if they feel a data breach has occurred.

Recent studies have highlighted that seven out of ten businesses have not allocated any budget to help facilitate their compliance, leaving themselves open to huge fines in the near future. Organisations are encouraged to analyse their entire security landscape in order to underpin their efforts to understand and protect their data and to comply with the various legal, authoritative and industry requirements in time for May 2018.

Any small business that processes data for a client will also have to demonstrate they have appropriate data-processing controls in place that comply with the GDPR, with partners encouraged to think twice before handing over customer data.

With an increased level of fines for those found not to have implemented the GDPR – up to 4% of annual turnover or €20 million, whichever is greater – non-compliance is simply not an option. There is likely to be a wave of fines handed out once this comes into effect and several SME’s could be made an example of, don’t let your company be one of them!

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A decade since the launch of the iPhone

Admin Glamorgan Telecom - Thursday, June 29, 2017


Today marks 10 years since the original Apple iPhone was released in the US. This revolutionary device was arguably the most significant smart phone ever launched and certainly had a huge impact on the market place with many brands soon following in its footsteps.

Since its release on 29th June 2007 the iPhone has continued to develop, confirming its place as a market leader within the mobile phone industry. Yet the typical smart phone experience we have all come to know, love and rely on today did not happen overnight. In fact it took years of Apple adding multiple different features, assets and services before reaching the version we hold in our hands today.

With speculation of the release of the iPhone 8 in the coming months, what has changed to the handset since its launch a decade ago?

The original model was more than a little bulky when compared to today’s standard’s. Measuring 115 x 61 x 11.6mm and weighing 135g it featured a large round home button underneath the screen, a single camera on the back and a large plastic portion at the bottom with screen resolution similar to that of today’s smart watches. There was no water or dust protection and with no front-facing camera, selfie’s were yet to be invented!

In comparison the latest iPhone 7 is noticeably wider and taller than the original but much slimmer, measuring 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1mm and weighing 138g. With a back made entirely of metal and the front made of glass, the 7 doesn’t consist of any plastic components and, whilst the round home button still exists, it now incorporates a fingerprint sensor. The bigger screen is also far sharper at 1334x750 res and more reactive to touch with both water and dust proofing.

The original iPhone featured a 2MP camera with limited features. Users could not record video on this model nor was there any flash or autofocus. The iPhone 7’s 12MP back camera, however, is one of the best smart phone camera’s available whilst the 7MP front camera has also helped to perfect the selfie-taking ability of many!

The original launched on IOS1. There was no app store, instead the phone featured an array of 15 pre-selected applications, all created by Apple. Now, as we eagerly await the launch of IOS11, we enjoy access to an app store full of millions of applications as well as FaceTime video calling, iMessage, a Notification Centre, responsive help from Siri and much more.

Whilst Apple has taken their time to develop the technology of the iPhone, there is no denying that its original release revolutionised the way we use smart phones. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for the release of the IOS 11 and the rumoured iPhone 8!

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Our guide to roaming changes within the EU

Admin Glamorgan Telecom - Friday, June 16, 2017

What is happening to roaming charges?

Over the last decade, mobile roaming charges have decreased by more than 90%. As a result the European Parliament and the Council agreed to end roaming surcharges for people travelling in the EU.

As of yesterday (15th June 2017), roaming charges across the EU will no longer be in place. This means that all citizens across the 28 European countries will not incur extra charges for calls, SMS messages and internet usage when travelling within the EU.

What does the initiative mean?

This new legislation is being rolled out across all mobile networks and will affect all mobile users, whether you’re using a business or personal phone. Those on a mobile contract will be able to use their available allowance of calls, texts and data as they would in their home country whilst those on pay-as-you-go contracts will pay the same rates regardless of where they are in the EU.

The most complex area of the new initiative is data, with network providers offering a variety of polices with differing caps and charges for going over your agreed data plan. Wholesale prices for calls will also be capped at 3.2 cents per minute, SMS at 2 cent and data at 7.7 euros per GB with rates gradually set to fall by January 2022.

What benefits can mobile users expect this summer?

  • Increased flexibility while travelling within the EU
  • No need to worry about mobile usage whilst on holiday
  • Cost savings for regular travellers

What should users look out for?

It’s important for mobile users to remember that this legislation only affects costs whilst roaming within the EU and when outside of your home country. Unfortunately, if you’re attempting to make calls to Europe from the UK you will not see any benefit from these roaming changes. If you do make regular international calls from the UK, we would advise seeking specialist call bundles to save costs.

Is your business ready for Augmented Reality?

Admin Glamorgan Telecom - Tuesday, June 06, 2017


What is AR?

AR, or Augmented Reality, is technology used to super-impose information on to the world we see, think SnapChat filters and Pokemon Go. It uses everything from sound and video to graphics and GPS data to add to the reality you would ordinarily see.

Differing from VR, which creates a virtual environment for users to interact with or be immersed in, AR allows its users to be present in the world whilst also ensuring an improvement on the reality through graphic enhancements.

What are the developments?

Apple announced yesterday at the WWDC 2017 that it’s entering into the world of Augmented Reality in the form of new developer framework within iOS11; ARKit. This significant development for the company will allow content creators to design AR applications for iPhone and iPad which, when iOS 11 launches in the autumn, will ensure ARKit instantly becomes the biggest AR platform available.

ARKit will allow normal applications, consisting of 2D images, to be transformed into immersive experiences that overlay the digital with reality, adding a touch of magic to everyday environments like the humble breakfast table. Using ARKit, developers will be provided with the tools they need to create engaging, AR-fuelled apps with the price of entry being as simple as owning an iPhone or iPad.

How could your business benefit from AR?

AR technology is advancing rapidly and will soon be commonplace within both our personal and working environments. AR will bring about a new and even more intimate way of interacting with machines, customers and staff, potentially turning reality into a giant computer screen.

Brands have already implemented the technology within their business to enhance the service they offer their customers. IKEA, for example, have used AR to enable customers to ‘try before they buy’; viewing an image of a sofa within their living space. And just think of the wonders it could do for the construction world, enabling architects to work together on digital representations of buildings to bring designs to life.

AR is also ideal when it comes to flexible working situations, enhancing the way in which geographically dispersed employees can interact with one another. For instance, when the team holds a meeting, it will look and feel as if remote employees are actually in the room, working to improve levels of engagement, productivity and collaborations. It should also improve the interaction and service levels of customer-facing staff, allowing them to provide a better demonstration of the products and services they provide, boosting customer satisfaction and ensuring they stay ahead of the competition.

Although in its infancy, AR technology is fast developing and could soon change the way we work and interact with both customers and colleagues. Keeping your business up to date with the developments within the industry and understanding how AR could benefit you will ensure your business stands out as a market leader.


Lucky GT Golf Ball

Admin Glamorgan Telecom - Saturday, March 04, 2017

Today, one lucky golfer managed a 'hole in one' on the 14th hole at Radyr Golf Club.  Never before has Mr Legg managed to achieve a hole in one - it must have been his lucky GT branded golf ball that aided his success.  Well done Mike - drinks on you!.

Early Notification: Possible SIP Service Incident

Admin Glamorgan Telecom - Monday, February 20, 2017

Early Notification: Possible SIP Service Incident

We are receiving a very high volume of calls to our SIP support team and are now investigating a possible service incident. Please await further updates to this page, we will provide updates as soon as we have further information, if you are experiencing issues and would like your calls diverted please call us 02920 545900.

We are aware of the urgency of this matter and it has top priority with the network.

Thank you for your patience.

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